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I’m Lori and I’m thrilled you’re here! As an educator and culinary nutrition expert I guide people in gaining better health through nutrition and lifestyle changes. I believe that each of us has within us the power to transform our lives, but the journey is always easier when we do it together.

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The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program

Black Bean Chili

In Canada the weather seems to be one of the main topics of conversation wherever you go. A couple of years ago when I was part of the Cultural Diversity Committee at my workplace I was introduced to a powerful video, The Danger of a Single Story. One of the...

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Eggs in a Nest of Sautéed Dandelion Greens

Ever since studying culinary nutrition at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition I have become much more curious about foods that I haven’t tried before. I hadn't tried them for a couple of reasons. Sometimes because I’d never heard of them, but often because I am, like...

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Old Fashioned Apple Crunch

Everyone knows that apples are one of the healthiest foods available to us in Atlantic Canada, but it is important to choose organic apples, since conventionally grown apples are heavily sprayed with harmful pesticides that can contribute to numerous health issues....

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Chocolate, Banana Smoothie Bowl

  Do you ever wonder who invents new food creations? Whose brilliant minds decide to redesign a food, present it in a new way and generate a new craze? I wonder that a lot. Like for example, who decided to put a smoothie in a bowl and decorate it? It’s brilliant,...

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Lemon Tart

I LOVE lemon desserts. Whenever one of my dear friends comes home from Manitoba, we try to get together for dinner, and we both know we’ll be looking for a lemon dessert at the end of the meal. We’ve been known to leave one restaurant after dinner and go to a second...

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Gingerbread Cookies

Memories of Cookies   When my niece and nephew (now in their 30s) were kids, my mom would make their favorite kinds of cookies and leave them in containers outside their front door. They were ecstatic when they arrived home from school to find cookies on their...

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Maple Granola

Maple syrup season in Atlantic Canada usually begins sometime between late February and mid-March and runs about 4-6 weeks. According to the Mi’kmaw, who named the moons according to things happening in the natural world, the sap started running around the time of the...

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Chickpea Tomato Stew

  I am very conscious of not wanting to waste food, and as a result I sometimes find myself with very few ingredients in my fridge. This is probably not the first thing one would think about a recipe creator and someone whose diet is based upon live, natural,...

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Mushroom and Thyme Omelet

Recently I made Lentil, Squash and Kale Salad with Thyme, Cranberries and White Balsamic Dressing, which meant I was in possession of some fresh thyme. Of course, this time of year having fresh thyme meant I purchased a package, which means I still have about 95% of...

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