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WFM2Go: Farm to Table Online Shopping

Why farm to table online shopping? Farmers markets offer a place to gather, roam, sip hot coffee, listen to live music, and connect with friends and vendors who have become friends. For many it is the highlight of their week, while for others getting to the market is...

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Chocolate Body Butter

  Have you ever stopped to read the ingredient list on the back of your favourite body cream or body butter? If your food label had a list that looked as foreign as this image below, would you be comfortable consuming it? There are 29 ingredients in this popular...

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Allergies and Inflammation

  Prevalence of Allergies According to the World Allergy Organization the prevalence of allergic reactions to pollen, dust, food, medications and insect bites has continued to increase over the past 50 years in industrialized countries. Allergies now affect about...

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10 Ways to Honor Earth Day Every Day

    We don’t have to wait for Earth day to do our part to honor and preserve the earth. Every day can be Earth Day. Are you wondering how you can reduce your carbon footprint and help to preserve this precious planet we call home?   Here are 10 things...

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