Grocery Store Tour

Food shopping can evoke feeling of pleasure for some, but for others it is an anxiety provoking, stressful experience. But it doesn’t have to be stressful if you know how to maximize your time.

A grocery store/farmers market tour can be a fun way to explore and learn more about eating healthy and reducing your footprint. Let’s poke around the aisles of the local grocery store or farmer’s market together and I’ll answer any of your questions and give you some hints and suggestions for maximizing your time and choosing healthy foods.

A 45-minute grocery store tour is an opportunity for you to enhance your knowledge about:

  • reading and interpreting food labels, including which ingredients to avoid for improved health
  • the differences between “packaged” and “processed” foods
  • organic vs. conventionally grown and produced foods, and how to choose when to buy organic vs. conventional within budget
  • local and seasonal produce
  • the benefits and red flags related to specific foods
  • how to shop to reduce packaging


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